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Medical Stretchers

Surgical stretchers are devices used to assist medical personnel in performing surgical procedures. They also are used for assisting patients in a variety of situations. These include surgical procedures, OB/GYN care, and pediatric care.

OB/GYN stretchers

OB/GYN Stretchers are a great solution for emergency room or Maternity wards. They are the ideal way to move patients from one room to another. They offer a variety of features and innovations.

The Stryker 1061 OB/GYN stretcher is a dual purpose unit. The company’s top of the line unit features a plethora of innovations. The most impressive feature is its multi-functioning, high-performance traction system. The traction system enables the unit to maintain an impressive 700 lb weight capacity while still being lightweight and portable. The unit is a perfect fit for small hospitals, OB/GYN clinics, and emergency rooms. Aside from the impressive features, the unit also boasts a sturdy frame. Moreover, the unit comes with a full suite of standard features, such as built-in foot supports and an exam light. The unit also comes with a standard one year warranty.

Surgical stretchers

Surgical stretchers are versatile devices that help keep patients safe and comfortable during the entire surgical process. They also reduce the risk of caregiver injury.

Surgical stretchers are portable, which means they are easy to maneuver around the medical facility. They have four-sided access and collapsible side-rails, allowing them to be stored easily. In addition, they offer a range of positioning choices, including full C-Arm access.

They are manufactured using durable materials, so they are easy to clean. They also have a smooth, urethane-coated finish, which is ideal for minimizing cleaning time. They are also made to accommodate weights of up to 660 pounds.

The Stryker Trio is a stretcher, surgical table, and recovery platform that is designed to increase patient safety. Its ergonomic design allows patients to stay on the same surface during pre-operative and post-operative procedures. The platform is designed to be set in all positions used in ambulatory surgery. It also features an electronic headrest articulation system, programmable settings, and a frame extension system that provides stability.

Pediatric crib stretchers

Among the numerous medical devices on offer, pediatric crib stretchers come in a range of sizes and features. The Pedigo 500 is a full-featured baby stretcher and boasts a number of impressive features. Aside from the standard safety features, this stretcher features a nifty two-post support system that provides nearly ninety percent of the weight of the patient.

The two post support system also offers an impressive weight capacity of 200 lbs. As such, the Pedigo 500 stretcher is a good choice for pediatricians in need of a little extra TLC.

The company also offers an array of pediatric equipment such as ventilators, infant warmers, and stress test systems. In addition, the company offers a wide variety of anesthesia and surgery tables. Whether you are in the market for a baby stretcher or an adult-sized stretcher, MFI Medical Equipment is your one-stop shop for all things medical.

Wheeled stretchers

Generally, wheeled medical stretchers are used to carry patients. They can be classified according to their weight capacity and size. They also come with various adjustments to suit a wide range of needs. A few models even come with battery-powered hydraulics, which ease the load on EMS personnel.

A wheeled medical stretcher is best used when the patient is in need of medical attention, such as in a hospital emergency room or ambulance. The best models are able to quickly and efficiently transport patients from one location to another. Generally, they are covered with a disposable sheet for easy cleaning. They can also have straps to securely strap the patient to the stretcher.

The top deck stretcher is the most common type of wheeled medical stretcher. The device is usually made of aluminum or steel and is suspended between two poles. It can be adjusted in height by pressing one of the handles on either side. It has a foam mattress on top of the tabletop surface. Some models are fitted with shelves for storing medical equipment, and hooks for intravenous medication.


Various types of medical stretchers have been in use for hundreds of years. They are used to transport critically injured patients to and from hospitals. In addition, they help to prevent the spread of infection. They are often cleaned after every use to avoid cross contamination. They have shelves for medical equipment and hooks for intravenous medication.

Medical stretchers are designed to transport patients efficiently and safely. They are also designed to protect the patient from falling off. Modern stretchers are fitted with battery-powered hydraulics, making it easier for EMS personnel to move the patients. They also feature straps to hold the patients in place, as well as an advanced wheeling system. Some modern stretchers also feature an auto-contour button, allowing for radiologic procedures.

The most common type of stretcher used in hospitals is the spine board. The spine board is usually made of plastic or wood. This secures the patient’s body and reduces the risk of further injuries.

You need to purchase a range of medical stretchers if you want your patients to be properly handled and cared for.